Rio de Janeiro: The Inside Scoop

If anyone can give you the inside scoop of Rio de Janeiro, that’s Hallie Neumann, a savvy traveler originally from Ohio but who has been living abroad for 8 years in places like Buenos Aires, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro. Hallie is the Director of Blue Parallel and has helped plan and execute trips throughout Latin America and the Mediterranean. Her style? Luxury for business and very social for personal curiosity.

She gives us the inside scoop on Rio de Janeiro the “cidade maravilhosa”, a proper nickname first coined by Andre Filho.

Why Rio?

 Rio is the perfect combination of city and nature. The city has a vibrant energy but it is balanced by the ebb of the ocean, mountains with lush jungle vegetation and the 6 km lagoon in the middle of the city. It’s a great spot to experience the local culture as the carioca’s easy, friendly nature is very inviting. It has one of the most beautiful landscapes that I have ever seen.

For what kind of travelers is Rio better suited?

It’s best suited for people that are looking for a laid-back, local experience. Rio has a special joie de vivre. Whether dancing samba in the street on a Monday in Pedro de Sal, playing sports or socializing on the beach, it’s all about the local vibe. It’s also a great fit for the active traveler as there are numerous hikes to gorgeous look out points, paddle boarding in Copacabana or biking around La Lagoa.

Here are her suggestions for the best things to do in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Watch the sunset from Sugar Loaf
  • Dance samba with locals at the lively Rio Scenarium
  • Enjoy the best “chopp” in town at Jobi
  • Sip on caiparinhas at the exclusive, members-only Clubhouse
  • Take a 12 minute helicopter ride over the city with views of the bay, mountains and beaches
  • Hike to the summit of Pedra Bonita and then hang glide down and land on Sao Conrado beach
  • Explore the eclectic artists’ neighborhood of Santa Teresa

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