Meet Travel Expert: Stephanie Sabra

Stephanie Sabra is a Senior Luxury Travel Expert at Blue Parallel. She is originally from Fall River, Massachusetts and comes from a large family of six. After receiving her undergraduate degree in European Studies from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Stephanie traveled extensively throughout Europe, and lived in Paris and Prague for almost 2 years. In addition to the art of travel, Stephanie is a fashion enthusiast, practices yoga and is a proud marathon runner. She is also interested in photography and BBQ-ing, especially the Argentine asado which she has mastered. Stephanie has called Buenos Aires her home for the past 7 years and is fluent in Spanish. Her favorite itineraries to create are those which incorporate active outdoor adventure, great food and the newest exclusive experiences that highlight the culture and essence of the destination.

Favorite place you’ve been to with Blue Parallel:

Colombia and Peru 

When planning a personal trip, what do you always include?


Most memorable #BPontheGround moment:

Glacier trekking on the Perito Moreno Glacier in El Calafate, Argentina. I liked it so much, I did it twice! 

If you could instantly learn a new language, it would be:

Russian and Arabic 

Describe Blue Parallel in one word:

Beyond – At Blue Parallel, we open doors for our travelers to experience a destination beyond its general highlights. 

Travel accessory you can’t live without:

My camera 

One thing people are surprised to find out about you is:

I danced classical ballet for 9 years. 

Next destination on your bucket list:

Sweden and a visit to the northern lights