BP on the Ground | In the Amazon

Our team travels year-round throughout Latin America and the Mediterranean researching and vetting those special insider access elements that set Blue Parallel journeys apart. Last year we sent Operations Expert Federico Aramburu to the Amazon, now one of his favorite destinations in Latin America. Read here about his experience:

“I have no doubt that my exploration of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest was by far one of my greatest experiences with Blue Parallel. Not only was I blown away by the wide diversity of the flora and wildlife, which are pretty much the highlight of the trip, but also the local communities I met along the way. I was really impressed by their fascinating way of life in this unique environment. They showed me the village, taught me how they get the famous “yuca” (roots used for regional food) and cooked for me. The village even had a soccer field, where they occasionally organize tournaments against other villages. From night walks to canoe rides, to visits to traditional villages and kayaking on an Amazonian lake by myself (and even swim if you are brave enough!), it felt like a once-in-a-lifetime experience the entire time. I think my favorite moment was when I was in the heart of the forest, where only the sounds of the Amazon can be heard with a symphony of caimans, birds, mammals and reptiles surrounding me; it was magical. It was fascinating to get to know the different animals in their natural habitat and be a part of their world for a while. I recommend the Amazon for all nature and animal lovers!”