Meet BP’s Director: Hallie Neumann

Originally from Ohio, Hallie Neumann is from a large family and studied International Relations at the George Washington and then completed a Masters at the Universidad de San Andres in Buenos Aires. Hallie first began her relationship with Latin America during a stint working at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires. She then found out about Blue Parallel and became obsessed with working there. Hallie Neumann is a long time member of the Blue Parallel family and has been with the team for over 7 years. She worked in the Buenos Aires offices and on the ground in Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. She enjoys the multicultural environment of Blue Parallel and is always up for planning challenging and unforgettable trips. Her personal favorites are active trips that are off the beaten path.

Favorite place you’ve been to with Blue Parallel:      

In Latin America – Galápagos Islands. In the Mediterranean – Andalucia

When planning a personal trip, what do you always include?

Recommendations from friends on the ground (the inside scoop), wine tasting (if possible), active excursions, and visits to local authentic spots

Most memorable #BPontheGround moment:

Where do I start? Bike riding down the Atlas Mountains, hiding out in the home of the Patoxo Indians during a rain storm in Trancoso, attending a World Cup match in Brasilia with clients, aerial sightseeing above the Meeting of the Waters, sunrise on the Amazon, watching a monkey migration in the Peruvian Amazon, climbing Machu Picchu Mountain and hiking km 104. Oh yes and a gourmet lunch with a violinist on the side of a mountain in Bariloche.

If you could instantly learn a new language, it would be:

French or Arabic

Describe Blue Parallel in one word:


Travel accessory you can’t live without:      

Fashionable carry on luggage and toiletry bag

One thing people are surprised to find out about you is:      

That I speak Portuguese