Top 5 Hiking Destinations

Some places are best explored on foot! Blue Parallel´s destinations in Latin America and the Mediterranean offer great hikes to discover cultural sites, spot local wildlife and above all, take in spectacular views. Here are our top five hiking destinations.


Torres del Paine, Chile

Enjoy the incredible natural beauty of the Torres del Paine national park while hiking one of its many trails. It’s not only a great location to walk alongside glaciers, icy lakes and stunning mountain ranges, but also a superb spot to observe Patagonian wildlife such as condors, guanacos and foxes.

2 - Coffee Region, Colombia.JPG

Cocora National Park, Colombia

This hike takes you through lush green valleys and beautiful pine forests of Colombia’s Coffee Region, giving you the opportunity to see a variety of its local flora and fauna, including numerous bird species. Hike towards the high Andean cloud to enjoy a lunch with astonishing views over the rolling hills and famous wax palms – the tallest in the world.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Discover the famous Incan ruins of Machu Picchu, go on nature walks, trek to the Gate of the Sun or up the Huayna Picchu. Either way the surreal views of the Andes´ peaks reaching for the sky will leave you with an everlasting image of this magnificent World Heritage Site.

4b - Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey

Explore the historical ruins and natural beauty of Cappadocia. In addition to a hot air balloon ride over the landscape, hike through the mysterious rock formations and alluring valleys, such as the Red, White and Ihlara Valley. See for yourself how the Byzantine societies carved out their homes, churches and gathering places from the rocks and caves. Finish the hike with a  delicious Turkish barbecue, especially prepared for you.

5 - Caldera Santorini

Santorini Caldera, Greece

This hike takes you along the iconic Santorini caldera. Enjoy stunning views contrasting the torques water and different colorings of the exposed rocks. Wonder through quaint little villages along the way, stop at a church and listen to live folkloric Greek music playing just for your party.