Meet BP’s Founder: Emmanuel Burgio

sicily17Emmanuel Burgio is the founder and president of Blue Parallel, LLC. Born in Holland and raised in the South of France, Emmanuel got an Economics degree from the London School of Economics. Emmanuel then got his start in investment banking in New York. After a couple of years in the M&A group of Credit Suisse, he took a sabbatical for an eye-opening journey around the world which inspired him to create Blue Parallel. The company initially launched with exclusive long weekend escapes from New York to Machu Picchu, and later progressively expanded throughout Latin America, from the Yucatan Peninsula all the way to Antarctica. Going back to his roots, Emmanuel decided to continue expanding the Blue Parallel footprint throughout the Mediterranean and he takes special pride in this accomplishment which has opened new doors to exclusive travel in this region. Now settled in Buenos Aires with his Argentine wife and three children, Emmanuel is constantly on the road, ensuring that Blue Parallel remains the reference for exclusive, tailor-made adventures in Latin America and the Mediterranean.

Favorite place you’ve been to with Blue Parallel:

There are too many! Perhaps Torres del Paine National Park in Chile would be on the top of my list, as well as the Aeolian Islands in Sicily. 

When planning a personal trip, what do you always include?

A Wow type of destination, outdoor adventures, child-friendly activities I can enjoy with my family, delicious regional meals, avoiding the crowds and no waiting in lines 

Most memorable #BPontheGround moment:

Hiking the Stromboli Volcano at sunset, and running down the volcano at night time. Amazing!

If you could instantly learn a new language, it would be:

I would first want to improve my French, English, and Spanish. Learning Italian or Greek would probably be next on the list. 

Describe Blue Parallel in one word:

Too much is never enough (sorry for the 5 words…) 

Travel accessory you can’t live without:

Running shoes, and a bathing suit. I take them everywhere. 

One thing people are surprised to find out about you is:

I am not that young anymore, I am starting to have plenty of grey hair.

Next destination on your bucket list:

Easter Island