Top 5 Foodie Cities

Buenos Aires, Argentina-Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America, is a vibrant city that is also known as the world’s steak capital. With dozens of different cuts and numerous ways to prepare the carne or meat, it is an art that all Argentines take pride in as their national dish.

The Asado | An asado, or a BBQ, is a classic Argentina affair. At an asado,  an expert asador cooks up a wide variety of Argentina’s famous  meats on a parilla (grill). The asado is an event in and of itself, as families and friends gather for a full day of delicious meat cuts.

 Lima, Peru– With several of its local restaurants recognized in leading the gastronomic trends of Latin America, Lima can easily be described as one of the best food destinations in Latin America and the world.

Ceviche | Without a doubt ceviche is the dish most synonymous with Perú. This classic dish combines a melody of raw fish marinated in citrus with garlic, onions and hot peppers for seasoning. It is a true Peruvian delicacy with roots that go back over 2,000 years in the fishing villages that line the country.

Andalucía, Spain– The stunning region of Andalucía crystallizes the historical and cultural significance of Spain and nowhere are these two elements most visible than in Andalucian gastronomy with its bright colors and unique textures.

Iberian Ham | Unique to Spain, jamon iberico, Iberian ham, is a type of cured ham delicacy produced from black Iberian pigs. Iberian ham is made over an outstanding 36 months which gives it a distinct and full bodied flavor. With exclusive access to a renowned curator company, CJ5,  you will have the opportunity to learn about the intricate process of curing the ham by visiting the grazing fields, where each pig has its own hectare, as well as the factory, and finishing off with a cutting and tasting workshop of the Iberian ham.

Jose Ignacio, Uruguay-In the quiet beach town of Jose Ignacio off of the Atlantic Coast, one can enjoy the tranquil sounds of the ocean crashing along the shore while also indulging in chivito, the national dish of Uruguay.

Chivito | A staple of Uruguay, chivito, is a delicious yet understated steak sandwich. While each chef adds their own special character to chivito, it’s most classic form is layered steak, ham, lettuce, tomato, a fried egg and melted mozzarella.

 Marrakesh, Morocco– Marrakesh, the Red City, is awash with scents and flavors of North African cuisine. From the traditional spices to the mint tea, the cuisine of Morocco can be characterized by its unique and colorful flavors.

TagineA classic Moroccan cookware is the tagine: a  beautifully designed clay pot with a conical lid gives its name to a wide variety  of regional dishes. These dishes can vary from a chicken stew to a vegetable and couscous mix. All ingredients are blended with the famous regional spices, and served with bread in a communal tagine dish. Tagines are ubiquitous in Moroccan cuisine as they can be seen everywhere from street side shops to luxury dining venues, to everyday homes.