A Moroccan Dining Experience

Blue Parallel journeys all include special moments that make our travelers go “wow!”, and the Morocco experience is no exception. In addition to a number of unique experiences, the Blue Parallel journey to Morocco highly emphasizes exclusive meals in breathtaking natural settings. We strive to create an intimate atmosphere for gourmet dinners in places where one would least expect to find a fully serviced and private meal.

In the southern region of Ouarzazate lies the lush Skoura Valley, an immense and palm oasis, surrounded by a rugged and arid rocky desert. The contrast of the red rock formations and the deep greens of the oasis make for exquisite scenery and the perfect setting for special dinner experiences in the outdoors. On the first evening, we like to take our travelers to a remote lookout point overlooking the Skoura Valley and its rocky surroundings, called Ksar Ali (Ali’s Fort). As you arrive to this exclusive spot around sunset by four-wheel drive, you see a rather ordinary ruin site and nothing else. As you step out of the vehicle and start to hike up the ancient steps of the ruins, you come across a scene from One Thousand and One Nights: an intimate tea setup with Berber carpets and plush pillows, surrounded by dozens of candles. As you approach the low table with delicious appetizers laid out, you can take in the spectacular 360° views of the Skoura valley and oasis. After getting comfortable, a Moroccan tea ceremony takes place followed by gourmet aperitifs as the sun sets in the background.

The following day, after a number of exciting outdoor adventures through the valley and its surroundings, our travelers are taken to yet another spectacular site for their final dinner. This experience takes place in the Gorges of Dades in an intimate area called Sidi Fla where a gentle stream runs by. Surrounded by ancient rock formations and lanterns, you arrive as the sun is setting and accentuating the many colors that surround you. This stunning candle-lit gourmet dinner, set in an intimate crevice, is the best way to bid farewell to Morocco.