Asociacion Sol y Luna

Sol y Luna, a Blue Parallel preferred property, is a beautiful hotel that combines serenity with luxurious amenities and is located in the breathtaking region of the Scared Valley of the Incas, Peru.  It also has the distinction of being an extension of a community project created by the owner Petit Mirable and her husband nearly 15 years ago. This community project, Asociacion Sol y Luna funds and operates a school and boarding house whose mission is to provide a solid and progressive educational foundation that focuses on community integration for students and social support for their families. It is a project that they are totally dedicated to and which they have used to help hundreds of school aged children in the Sacred Valley.

Asociacion Sol y Luna is nestled in the lush region of the Sacred Valley in the bustling town of Urubamba, a popular spot to visit before heading to the famous ancient ruins of Machu Picchu. Forged by the Urubamba River, the valley is home to abundantly green and fertile land that lies beneath snowcapped mountains. It is an important historical and cultural center for both visitors and the descendants of people local to the region. During the height of the Incan empire, it was the central hub of their agricultural production, society, religion and government. Today contemporary influences can be seen throughout the region, yet it retains much of its ancient past. As one travels through the valley the Quechua language can be heard in the streets and in the farms where ancient Incan and pre-Incan methods of farming are still being employed. Ancient customs such as Ollantay Raymi, a festival dedicated to Incan Sun God, or textile weaving are still incorporated and celebrated in communities within the Valley. With these reminders of traditional customs and practices, Asociacion Sol y Luna has developed their mission with a holistic approach to education incorporating cultural values to reinforce the individual identity of each student along with providing them the necessary skills to navigate a globalized economy. By staying at Sol and Luna, our guests are helping support their project enabling them to fund the school and its activities.