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“This morning we rode horses to the La Fortuna Waterfall. The ride was a little over an hour and then we walked the rest of the way to the falls. It was a decent of approximately 400 steps to reach the magnificent falls and swimming hole. The trail goes through the thick forest; it was cool and shady. After walking back up, it was time for lunch. In classic Blue Parallel style, we enjoyed our meal in a private home with a panoramic view. We relaxed poolside and lounged in the hammock while our personal chef prepared the three-course meal. After desert and coffee, we hiked up the hill toward the Chato Volcano, discussing local politics with Jorge. On the way back to the hotel we did some souvenir shopping in La Fortuna. We were so full from the mid-day meal that we just ate a little salad for dinner.”

-Kitty Ordway and Jim Sadler

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