From Our Travelers: LIVE Update from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Our travelers, Kitty and Jim, continue their Central American journey at the beautiful and scenic Lake Atitlan. To read more about their experience, please visit their blog Going Places.

“We went boating and hiking this morning, stopping for a drink along the lake before heading back to the hotel. Later, we had lunch in the town of Panajachel. Over lunch we discussed the idea of coming back to Guatemala in 2018 to spend a month studying Spanish; according to Adolfo, there are many options for doing that. We have been having dinner and breakfast delivered to our room, eating on the balcony and enjoying the view. The food here is superb! After eating in restaurants continuously for a few weeks, the privacy and solitude of our little piece of heaven is perfect.”

-Kitty Ordway and Jim Sadler