‘Early Bird’ Destinations for Summer 2016

Thinking about a summer adventure? Travel experts at Blue Parallel have compiled a list of destinations that require booking well in advance in order to make sure the very best options are available. Here are some of the top destinations for summer travel in the Mediterranean and Latin America that are best secured at least 3 months prior to the travel date.

Adriatic Coast, Croatia & Montenegro

Proclaimed as the “purest sea in the Mediterranean” by Jacques Cousteau, the Adriatic Coast is simply breathtaking. It’s charm, beauty and exclusivity make it a top summer destinations for many Europeans. However, the small rustic towns that dot the Adriatic seaside such as Split and Dubrovnik have limited availability as do the exclusive aqua-adventures including private kayaking and yachting. These sought after experiences are key to Blue Parallel’s custom-made itineraries and should be booked in advanced so that full allure and elegance of the Adriatic Coast can be enjoyed.

Sicily & the Aeolian Islands, Italy

The warm weather and deep blue waters of the Mediterranean combine in perfect harmony in the Sicilian summertime. Luxury accommodations and private activities are key to the Blue Parallel experience in Sicily and the Aeolian Islands. However, being a sought after destination in the Mediterranean summer means that spaces are limited. In order to experience the perfect Italian getaway complete with private yachting, exclusive access to historical sites and immersion into the local culture, consider booking your summer vacation to Sicily within the upcoming months.


This summer Brazil is Latin America’s “it” place to be. From the famous beaches of Rio de Janiero to the lesser known yet equally stunning beaches of Bahia, summer travelers will be flocking to the country. Luxury hotels that you won’t want to miss out on such as the famous Belmond Copacabana Palace or exclusive experiences of lifetime like flying over Rio de Janiero in a private helicopter are must haves on any itinerary, but the limited spaces will fill up fast.


Greece is the classic and ideal summer getaway spot for any astute traveler. In Greece, one can start the day by exploring a archaeological site from the Minoan era, then end it with a sunset swim in the warm waters of the Aegean Sea. For these reasons and many more, travelers often choose Greece as their summer vacation. The best way to ensure that Greece makes it onto your summer itinerary is to book a trip sooner than later.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

This famous archipelago off the coast of Ecuador is a top summer destination for active travelers who love nature and getting their feet wet. With Blue Parallel, enjoy a private sea yacht with on-board naturalists guides that explain to you the unbelievably magnificent native flora and fauna as the boat weaves in and out of the 19 islands. It is an experience of a lifetime that quickly books out. Don’t miss your chance to explore these inspiring islands.