Glamping in the Valley of Roses, Morocco

Located in southern Morocco, between the Gorges of M’Goun and the valley of Dades, the Valley of Roses is one of the most spectacular sites in Morocco – especially in Spring.

To get there, you descend from the lush Skoura Valley, passing by beautiful rock formations and local villages with their adobe forts. Get acquainted with Morocco’s more remote desert culture, boasting a more rustic character and traditional way of life. Arriving at the Valley of Roses, you will feel the climate change with the green scenery draping across the burgundy of the surrounding desert.  In the air hangs the sweet dewy smell of freshly blossomed roses. The famous rose’s blossom in spring and this is celebrated locally with a grandiose festivity, as the village prepare for the rose harvest.

Your tented camp is a luxurious set-up, fully staffed to accommodate your one night experience in a gorge of the valley. While enjoying an afternoon tea, the guide tells fantastic stories of the Valley of the Roses and the importance of the rose blossoms. Afterwards, you are invited to watch a magnificent sunset as the last rays of sun run gently over the river and pull back over the valley until they disappear onto the horizon. With candles lighting the way and stars shining above, the gracious staff prepares an amazing meal with traditional gourmet Moroccan dishes. In the morning, you are awoken with a warm cup of tea and the sight of a beautiful sunrise. Soon the short journey through the Moroccan desert back to luxurious Dar Ahlam will begin.