Inside Scoop: Teatro Colon

An iconic symbol of Buenos Aires, Teatro Colon is a beautiful masterpiece of design and architecture that has featured famous musical and theatrical acts from all over the world. With a private behind-the-scenes tour of the theater built in 1889, the history and magic is revealed in detail from the original design to the restorations, with exclusive access to reserved areas of the theater. The first stop is the Grand Entrance Hallway, an exquisitely designed interior starring pillars adorned with gold, chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, intricate crown molding and a plush red carpet that set the stage for the regal Italian style of the theater. Moving through the theater, the different stories and layers are revealed, which were inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy. From the orchestra pit, the total grandiose of the theater can be appreciated. From this perspective, the elegant murals that cover the ceilings and the intricacies of the artwork on the balconies can be fully enjoyed. Backstage, there is even more action as the upcoming performers and artists diligently hone their act- one can see operas or even ballerinas practicing for the next performance. Underneath the theater hides even more stories as old costumes and props are stored. From the art to the history, uncovering the real Teatro Colon is an experience unlike any other in Buenos Aires.