5 Unparalleled Experiences with Blue Parallel in Sicily

Insider access to Vizzini, a small village rich with cultural and historical significance in Sicily.

Vizzini is an exemplary representation of Sicilian and Mediterranean culture embracing the art, architecture and history of the various peoples and cultures who occupied the island. Become acquainted with this unique village through exclusive and private guided tours of one of the 32 churches and a famous osteria, or tavern, where the beloved Sicilian writer Giovanni Verga wrote most of his novels. As your guide takes you through these landmarks, the charming nature of Vizzini that so inspired Verga will reveal itself to you.

A specially prepared gourmet picnic prepared  in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Sicilian countryside.

After enjoying a custom-planned outdoor activity, whether it be a bike ride through the Baroque Valley or hiking Mount Etna, indulge in a gourmet picnic set up in a quiet and beautiful area near your activity.  As you bite into Sicilian delicacies such as Pasta alla Vongole or a delicious and well-earned sweet canoli pastry, take in the beautiful scenery of the Sicilian landscape. This private picnic is the perfect end for a day of exploration.

A private boating experience to the Panarea Islands & the Stromboli Volcano.

Part of the Aeolian Islands archipelago, Panarea has a long history dating back to the Mycenaean in 1200 BCE. Today, it is home to a couple hundred residents and is a sought after destinations for travelers looking for a more exclusive option. Arrive at the island in luxury on a private boat complete with your own guide. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to swim in some of the more remote enclaves of the Aeolian Islands and enjoy the temperate waters of the Mediterranean. Once you arrive at Panarea, you’ll be guided to the Stromboli Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Ascending midway up the volcano, you’ll be treated to a spectacular sunset that seems to blend with the water below you. Given the remoteness and tranquility of Panarea, it is an unparalleled experience.

A private cooking class at the Regaleali Estate with renowned chef.

While in Palermo, enjoy a comfortable stay at the Regaleali estate located in the heart of the Sicilian countryside and owned by one of the oldest Sicilian noble families. After a day of sightseeing in Palermo, come home to Regaleali and take part in a private personal cooking class with renowned chef Fabrizia Lanza, a Sicilian native and author of two cookbooks- “The Heart of Sicily” and “Flavors of Sicily”.  This class is a perfect introduction to the intricacies of Sicilian cooking. After preparing the meal with Lanza, sit down and treat yourself to a variety of homemade dishes and Sicilian flavors.

A private granita tasting with world-famous Pastry Chef Corrado Asseza.

A trip to Sicily is incomplete without trying the Sicilian bred and born dessert, granita. Similar to a sorbet or ice cream, granita is a frozen treat that often comes in a variety of fruity flavors. However, it stands apart from these other desserts due to its coarser texture. Enjoy this unique delicacy with world-famous pastry chef Corrado Asseza. Asseza will be your culinary guide as you try the different flavors of granita each unique to different regions of Sicily.