Top Moroccan Experiences

Visit UNESCO World Heritage Site Jamaa el Fna Square.

The 1000 year-old Jamaa el Fna Square is the center Marrakesh and of Moroccan culture. While visiting the Red City, spend a day in the square exploring the many artisan stands for original, hand-made crafts, story tellers, acrobats, cobras dancing, and more.


Indulge in an authentic tagine dish.

Bite into the flavors of Morocco by enjoying a variety of dishes that have been slow roasted in a tagine, a traditional North African conical clay pot. It’s a must while traveling through the region.


Explore the highlights of the Red City: The Saadian Tombs, the Koutoubia Mosque, and the Mederasa Ben Youssef.

Get to know the Red City by visiting some of its most treasured landmarks. From the beautifully designed Saadian Tombs to the largest mosque in Marrakesh- the Koutoubia Mosque, these sites reveal the beautiful and unique history of Morocco and Northern Africa.


Take a morning stroll through Les Jardins de Majorelle.

Before beginning a day of exploration, take a relaxing morning walk through the stunning Jardin de Majorelle. This botanical garden took French artist Jacques Majorelle nearly 40 years to complete. Majorelle’s attention to detail and passion for the project are noticeable throughout the garden.


Savor a cup of the famous Moroccan mint tea.

Wind down with a deliciously warm cup of Moroccan mint tea. Visitors will find that it is best served while watching the sun set over the Moroccan landscape- whether it is the Jamaa el Fna Square in Marrakesh or the seemingly endless Sahara Desert.


Go on an adventure at Mount Toubkal National Park.

Located just outside of the bustling city of Marrakesh, the Mount Toubkal National Park is a fantastic place to escape the city and enjoy the beauty of the High Atlas mountains.  Take advantage of this beautiful place by mountain biking through the stunning Ouirgane Valley or hiking through the Valley of Asni to a small, Berber village tucked in the mountain.

Die schönste Jahreszeit für einen Besuch des Toubkal Nationalparks ist der wetterstabile Herbst oder der Frühling, wenn die Gebirgsregionen in ein Blütenkleid gehüllt sind, Marokko

A relaxing hammam experience.

The hamman is a central point of Moroccan culture and life. At least once a week, Moroccans will visit their local hamman where they spend multiple hours following long rituals of cleansing and exfoliation and catching up with friends. To take part in this cleansing ritual is to experience yet another unique aspect of Moroccan culture.


Visit the “Door of the Desert”, the Ouarzazate oasis region.

The Ouarzazate region, situated 3, 810 ft in the middle of a bare plateau, acts as a geographical gateway between the Sahara Desert and the lush green Skoura Valley. Explore this unparalleled region and see for yourself why it is frequently called the Door of the Desert.


Stay at a luxury camp in the Sahara Desert.

There a variety of ways to enjoy the Sahara Desert, however, by far a luxury camping experience is the best. From the luxurious accommodations to the breathtaking scenery of the largest hot desert in the world, visitors who take advantage of this opportunity might never want to leave.


Discover the old world heritage of Fes Medina.

Founded in the 9th century, Fes reached its height when it replaced Marrakesh as the capital of the kingdom in the 13th century. Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site noted for its many cherished historical sites and as the largest car-free urban area in the world.

Gilles Couturier