BP on the Ground: Madeira, Portugal


#BPontheground on the Portuguese Island of Madeira, off the Atlantic Coast.

Just under 250 miles north of the Canary Islands, the Madeira archipelago has been one of the two Autonomous regions of Portugal (the other being the Azores, located to the northwest). This is the outermost region of the European Union! Madeira was claimed by Portuguese sailors in 1419. The archipelago is considered to be the first territorial discovery of the exploratory period of the Portuguese Age of Discovery.

This breathtaking destination is noted for its Madeira wine, gastronomy, historical and cultural value, its flora and fauna, landscapes which are classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and embroidery artisans. Its annual New Year celebrations feature the largest fireworks show in the world!

Follow Emmanuel Burgio’s journey through the many wonders of Portugal in the coming weeks! He will be traveling throughout the country, building Blue Parallel’s brand new Portugal product.