Best Beaches in Brazil

With nearly 8,000 miles of coastlines, the beach is central to Brazilian identity. From pop culture to daily life, Brazilians are immersed in a “beach culture”. Boasting some of the best beaches in the world, these sandy getaways are the main attraction for both tourists and locals alike. 

Prainha Beach


The beaches of Rio de Janeiro may star in some of the most famous songs and movies but they also are hosts to hundreds of daily visitors all vying for the perfect place in
the sun. Escape this bustle and head to a more secluded slice of paradise only an hour drive outside of the city, Prainha beach. Tucked alongside a beautiful ecological reserve, Prainha beach stretches along a half moon shape creating a stunning sandy cove and perfect waves that attract many local surfers. The ecological reserve provides a wonderful green, mountainous backdrop as beach-goers soak in the sun and surfers chase waves. Fortunately, it’s location outside the city means that there is hardly ever a crowd. Pack a lunch, bring sun block and enjoy a day of peaceful tranquility in a laid back environment outside the cosmopolitan city of Rio.

Fazenda Sao Francisco de Corumbau

corumbau brazil

 For those looking for breathtaking beaches alongside a intimate and unique hotel, the Fazenda Sao Francisco de Corumbau rises to the occasion. In the native Pataxo language corumbau means “distant place” which perfectly describes the atmosphere of the hotel. Combining harmoniously with the sea and land, the Fazenda offers a seaside ambience and nearly 15 kilometers of deserted white sand beaches and clear water. Upon arriving, guests are carried away to this “distant place”, a familiar yet tranquil place that encourages you to take a moment for yourself and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Nature blends seamlessly with the property as palm tree groves spring up between the bungalows nestled along the shore.

Itacoatiara Beach


Located in a small beach community outside Rio de Janeiro, Itacoatiara beach is a beautiful escape from the city. Known to many locals as Itacoá, this charming beach town is situated in an environmentally protected preserve, Serra da Tiririca’s State Park.  Combining activity with relaxation, Itacoatiara offers visitors opportunities for hiking, surfing and laying out. The nearby mountains provide spectacular views of the white sand and deep blue-green seas. For those looking for an extra kick to start their day, there are amazing hikes that lend visitors breathtaking views of the beach. Much like Prainha beach, Itacoatiara is well known among the surfer community for great waves and a laid back atmosphere. A trip to Itacoatiara combines well with a stop at Prainha for those looking to take advantage of the unspoiled nature of the Rio “countryside”.

Baia do Sancho


Recognized as the most beautiful beach in not only Brazil but the world, Baia do Sancho is an exquisite paradise of white sand and emerald green waters. Adding to its charm is its location on the archipelago Fernando de Noronha, home to several surreally beautiful beaches. Accessible only by foot or boat, Baia do Sancho rewards visitors who make the trek with unparalleled views, clear waters and a breathtaking backdrop of craggy cliffs carpeted with trees that provide refuge for the sea birds. However, perhaps the most magical part of Baia do Sancho is below the surface. Thanks in part to the archipelagos protected status and its recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, marine life flourishes from colorful fish that dart between lava rocks to coral that provides shelter for these schools of fish. Explore the depths of the underwater world through any number of activities available including snorkeling, diving or Planasub snorkeling.