Blue Parallel’s Best Culinary Experiences

For many travelers, one of the most important and memorable aspects of traveling is enjoying  the local cuisine of the destination. The food of a region is representative of its identity, and an area’s cuisine can tell a part of its unique history. Many, perhaps inspired by famous globe-trotting foodies like Anthony Bourdain, are now traveling the world in search of that perfect meal. In fact, according to research from industry outlet Skift, “food tourism” has become one of the biggest trends of 2016, and the publication writes that food is now the “leading hook of travel.”

So, for those with an appetite for travel, and an appetite for delicious meals to match, we’ve put together a list of some of Blue Parallel’s best culinary experiences that will satisfy your wanderlust and your palate as well:

A Gourmet Picnic in Argentina’s Lake District


While enjoying luxury accommodations in the heart of Argentina’s scenic Lake District, those traveling with Blue Parallel can go on a private boating excursion on the magnificent Lake Nahuel Huapi to Victoria Island located in the middle of the lake. From there, hike up to a viewpoint with your expert guide and enjoy a delicious gourmet picnic with your party, including fine glassware and a proper table prepared by an expert chef. Delight in the Argentine Lake District’s finest wines paired with exceptionally prepared cuisine as you take in the spectacular natural outdoor setting.

Fresh Seafood on the Water in Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Travel to Fernando de Noronha, Brazil with Blue Parallel and have an unforgettable experience exploring the volcanic island’s several unique beaches, including what many consider to be the top three beaches in Brazil: Baia dos Porcos, Baia do Sancho and Baia dos Golfinhos. Explore the incredible archipelago by dune buggy and cruise in a private luxury motorboat complete with fresh sushi and cocktails as dolphins frolic just feet away. For lunch, enjoy fresh sashimi caught off the boat and in the evening, visit the home of a local fisherman who will prepare fresh seafood especially for you.

Private Cooking Lesson with an Expert Chef in Sicily


No trip to Sicily would be complete without experiencing its culinary delights, which have attracted foodies from all over the world. The island boasts food as rich as its history, with locally produced cheeses, artisanal seafood delicacies, strong agricultural heritage producing olives and capers, and its recent wine revolution producing fresh and mineral-rich wine.

Those traveling with Blue Parallel can head to Ortygia Island in Siracusa (or Syracuse) for lunch in a private apartment. While there, you can enjoy a private cooking demonstration by Chef Fiora Piccione who will treat you to an authentic Sicilian experience as you watch her prepare your meal and discuss the cooking process. You certainly won’t want to leave without sampling the salted, stuffed sardines, mouthwatering Pasta alla Vongole, and sweet Sicilian cannoli.

Fine Dining at a Private Estate on the Beach in Corsica, France


While traveling to Corsica, France with Blue Parallel, you can enjoy a stay in Domaine de Murtoli, a private estate in the Sartene region, which consists of 13 chic cottages by the beach in the southwest corner of the Mediterranean island. The nearly 5,000 acre estate has soaring mountains nearby and a river – the Ortolo – running through it. While there, enjoy a delicious dinner at your private home, cooked with local ingredients. You can also take advantage of the 6 mile-long (10km) private beach of the property, where you can enjoy gourmet meals by the sea.

Picnic Lunch by La Fortuna Waterfall in Costa Rica

Travel on foot through the lush and pristine jungles of Costa Rica with one of Blue Parallel’s expert guides and explore the spectacular La Fortuna Waterfall. From there, you can hike up the Chato Volcano with your guide until you reach the lake over the summit. While there, rest and enjoy the water and then have a gourmet picnic lunch prepared especially for you. Over lunch, you can relax on a vantage point with a panoramic view of the surrounding jungle and valleys.

Gourmet Meal in the Moroccan Desert


After soaring over the majestic High Atlas Mountain range of Morocco in a private helicopter, Blue Parallel travelers will touch down in the spectacular golden Sahara Desert in your own, exclusive camp surrounded by nothing but a sea of sand dunes. From your tented and fully staffed camp, enjoy cocktails served from the top of the dunes as you watch the sunset. In the evening, take in the breathtaking desert night sky dotted with bright constellations while enjoying a traditional Berber meal around a campfire.