Patagonia: Land of the Giants

Patagonia is a truly enchanting region of Southern Argentina and Chile. With everlasting snow-capped mountains, ancient ice blue glaciers, emerald green lakes, and heavenly green forests, its awe-inspiring natural beauty makes it one of the most spectacular destinations on Earth. Over the past few months, the Blue Parallel team traveled extensively through many of the highlights of Argentine and Chilean Patagonia.

El Calafate, Argentina

Beginning in Argentina, the team traveled to El Calafate, an incredible region of snowy mountains and the gateway to Los Glaciares National Park. They ventured across the Patagonian steppe and went ice-trekking on the majestic Perito Moreno glacier, a dazzling area of towering ice peaks, huge crevasses, and turquoise blue creeks.





El Chalten, Argentina

Continuing their adventures in Argentine Patagonia, the Blue Parallel team traveled through El Chalten in Los Glaciares National Park. Along the way, they took in the spectacular views of the Cerro Torre mountain from Laguna Torre, and then hiked to the towering Mount Fitz Roy.




After a long day of hiking through the snow, there’s nothing like a gourmet picnic with a view of Mount Fitz Roy!


The Lake District, Argentina

Known as the “little Switzerland” of South America, the Lake District  is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a deep breath of fresh air. Its ancient forests, mountains and lakes provide a playground second to none for hiking, mountain biking, yachting, kayaking, world-class fishing, and much more. During the team’s trip to this breathtaking region, they enjoyed a performance from a talented musician while cruising on the water!






Ushuaia, Argentina

Next, the team traveled to Ushuaia, the southernmost point of the Americas. From here, you truly feel like you’ve reached the end of the world. During their stay, the team lodged at Los Cauquenes, an excellent resort and spa.



Torres del Paine, Chile

The team then ventured to the Chilean region of Patagonia, and visited the Torres del Paine National Park. One of the most impressive highlights of Chilean Patagonia, this region is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts who can observe its remarkable landscape through various outdoor treks. During their trip, the team visited our favorite lodges, Tierra Patagonia, Explora Patagonia, Awasi Patagonia, and the Singular Patagonia.






Valle Chacabuco, Chile

The team also traveled to Valle Chacabuco in Chilean Patagonia, a new reserve established by Kris and Doug Tompkins, the former owners of The North Face and Patagonia outdoor gear and activewear brands. The reserve was initiated as part of a conservation mission to preserve wildlife and create a national park.  While traveling in this stunning region, the team stayed at the charming Lodge at Valle Chacabuco and explored the breathtaking surroundings.


Continuing their trip through Valle Chacabuco, the team spent the day hiking on scenic trails that weave through high mountain lakes and forests. Along the way, they were able to spot some of the region’s diverse wildlife, such as the guanaco pictured below. Other animals found in this region include condors, flamingos, pumas, foxes and armadillos.




As the team continued through Chilean Patagonia, they spent a day exploring the stunning Marble Caves of Chile Chico. Carved into the Patagonian Andes, these incredible caves are located on a peninsula of solid marble that borders Lake General Carrera, a glacial lake spanning the border between Chile and Argentina.



If you’re interested in experiencing Patagonia for yourself, we recommend visiting from October through March for the best weather.