A Colombian Holiday Treat

The beautiful country of Colombia stretches across varying terrain, from the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean to the lush rainforest, where the gateway to the Amazon lies. Its history, like most of Latin America’s, encompasses both indigenous and European influences. Our travelers who visit this magnificent country will be treated to UNESCO World Heritage […]

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A Moroccan Dining Experience

Blue Parallel journeys all include special moments that make our travelers go “wow!”, and the Morocco experience is no exception. In addition to a number of unique experiences, the Blue Parallel journey to Morocco highly emphasizes exclusive meals in breathtaking natural settings. We strive to create an intimate atmosphere for gourmet dinners in places where […]

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Top 5 Foodie Cities

Buenos Aires, Argentina-Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America, is a vibrant city that is also known as the world’s steak capital. With dozens of different cuts and numerous ways to prepare the carne or meat, it is an art that all Argentines take pride in as their national dish. The Asado | An asado, […]

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Buenos Aires Food Tour

Buenos Aires is known for its world famous steakhouses and unique culinary experience. It is a perfect destination for foodies, where Blue Parallel can arrange for you to graze your way through Palermo on a deliciously entertaining food tour with a celebrated food writer and Buenos Aires gastronomic expert. Discover the city’s best-known specialties and local food gems […]

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