Patagonia: Land of the Giants

Patagonia is a truly enchanting region of Southern Argentina and Chile. With everlasting snow-capped mountains, ancient ice blue glaciers, emerald green lakes, and heavenly green forests, its awe-inspiring natural beauty makes it one of the most spectacular destinations on Earth. Over the past few months, the Blue Parallel team traveled extensively through many of the […]

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Falling for Iguassu

The white, thundering jets of water crashed all around us, and everyone in the boat was soaked to the bone. With a wicked smile, the captain steered us straight under the pounding, freezing torrents until everyone aboard could feel the mighty, wet wrath of Garganta del Diablo–The Devil’s Throat–one of the largest waterfalls on Earth. […]

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Inside Scoop: Santa Maria de Lobos

When having an extra day to spend in Buenos Aires, many travelers will take advantage of the time to explore the area outside the city known as the Pampas. This region is most known for its gaucho culture – Argentine cowboys who roam the plains on horseback tending the land or corralling cattle. The landscape […]

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Best Beaches in Brazil

With nearly 8,000 miles of coastlines, the beach is central to Brazilian identity. From pop culture to daily life, Brazilians are immersed in a “beach culture”. Boasting some of the best beaches in the world, these sandy getaways are the main attraction for both tourists and locals alike.  Prainha Beach The beaches of Rio de […]

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