Top Mediterranean Hotels

An integral part of the culture and history of the region, the Mediterranean Sea spans nearly 965,000 square miles and provides a sandy waterfront for 3 continents- Europe, Africa and Asia- covering 23 countries. The sea is part and parcel of their environment and ancestry, and it provides a stunning backdrop for its coastal towns. […]

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Top Moroccan Experiences

Visit UNESCO World Heritage Site Jamaa el Fna Square. The 1000 year-old Jamaa el Fna Square is the center Marrakesh and of Moroccan culture. While visiting the Red City, spend a day in the square exploring the many artisan stands for original, hand-made crafts, story tellers, acrobats, cobras dancing, and more. Indulge in an authentic tagine dish. […]

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Our Top Picks for Historical Hotels

Our Latin American and Mediterranean destinations are home to beautiful hotels with dramatic histories. From palaces to ancient ruins to noble families and famous architects, these hotels and their stunning properties are intertwined with the local history. Latin America Hotel Monasterio, Cusco, Peru Originally built as a monastery in the 16th century, today this Belmond […]

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A Moroccan Dining Experience

Blue Parallel journeys all include special moments that make our travelers go “wow!”, and the Morocco experience is no exception. In addition to a number of unique experiences, the Blue Parallel journey to Morocco highly emphasizes exclusive meals in breathtaking natural settings. We strive to create an intimate atmosphere for gourmet dinners in places where […]

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Top 5 Foodie Cities

Buenos Aires, Argentina-Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America, is a vibrant city that is also known as the world’s steak capital. With dozens of different cuts and numerous ways to prepare the carne or meat, it is an art that all Argentines take pride in as their national dish. The Asado | An asado, […]

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Top 5 Biking Trails

Blue Parallel’s unique destinations have some of the world’s most scenic and exciting biking trails, offering breathtaking historical and natural wonders to take in along the way. Here are this season’s top five picks, ideal for couples, families and small groups of friends! Pelješac Peninsula, Croatia Experience mountain biking through some of Croatia’s largest vineyards, […]

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