Think you know Medellin? Think again…

Medellín, former home of Pablo Escobar, has come a long way. Many now call it the city of “eternal spring”. Situated in a valley of Colombia’s mountainous northwest region, it is now undergoing a major renaissance, making it arguably one of these best places to be in Latin America. From an emerging foodie scene to a growing creative class, […]

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Patagonia: Land of the Giants

Patagonia is a truly enchanting region of Southern Argentina and Chile. With everlasting snow-capped mountains, ancient ice blue glaciers, emerald green lakes, and heavenly green forests, its awe-inspiring natural beauty makes it one of the most spectacular destinations on Earth. Over the past few months, the Blue Parallel team traveled extensively through many of the […]

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Inside Scoop: Teatro Colon

An iconic symbol of Buenos Aires, Teatro Colon is a beautiful masterpiece of design and architecture that has featured famous musical and theatrical acts from all over the world. With a private behind-the-scenes tour of the theater built in 1889, the history and magic is revealed in detail from the original design to the restorations, […]

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