Falling for Iguassu

The white, thundering jets of water crashed all around us, and everyone in the boat was soaked to the bone. With a wicked smile, the captain steered us straight under the pounding, freezing torrents until everyone aboard could feel the mighty, wet wrath of Garganta del Diablo–The Devil’s Throat–one of the largest waterfalls on Earth. […]

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Brazil: Our Traveler’s Perspective

“Typically within hours of returning to my office after a vacation, the events which occurred on the vacation are forgotten as I am thrust back into the grind of meetings, phone calls, and the numerous opportunities to overcome adversity. However, as I sit here at my desk, I find myself reflecting on the exceptional experience […]

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Discover Rio de Janeiro from Above

Few cities are as striking as Rio de Janeiro, a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its incomparable natural landscapes and beauty. What better way to get introduced to this incredible city than from above? At the heliport in the Lagoon of Rio, board your private helicopter to tour the “cidade Maravilhosa” or the Marvelous […]

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