Patagonia: Land of the Giants

Patagonia is a truly enchanting region of Southern Argentina and Chile. With everlasting snow-capped mountains, ancient ice blue glaciers, emerald green lakes, and heavenly green forests, its awe-inspiring natural beauty makes it one of the most spectacular destinations on Earth. Over the past few months, the Blue Parallel team traveled extensively through many of the […]

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Top Mediterranean Hotels

An integral part of the culture and history of the region, the Mediterranean Sea spans nearly 965,000 square miles and provides a sandy waterfront for 3 continents- Europe, Africa and Asia- covering 23 countries. The sea is part and parcel of their environment and ancestry, and it provides a stunning backdrop for its coastal towns. […]

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A Day in Cartagena

Our Blue Parallel team has traveled extensively throughout Colombia to learn the ins and outs of this diverse and special country. For a traveler looking to learn about the intersections of Colombian history and culture, there is no better place than Cartagena. Here’s what our travel experts have to say about their day in this remarkable city.    Nestled […]

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Inside Scoop: Teatro Colon

An iconic symbol of Buenos Aires, Teatro Colon is a beautiful masterpiece of design and architecture that has featured famous musical and theatrical acts from all over the world. With a private behind-the-scenes tour of the theater built in 1889, the history and magic is revealed in detail from the original design to the restorations, […]

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